Women have orgasms streets

The year-old from Arizona, USA, has been diagnosed with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, which means she has to endure constant arousal for up to six hours a day. Mother-of-one Cara was diagnosed with the incurable disorder three years ago, and will have spontaneous orgasms in the supermarket, on the school run — and even in the playground. Cara — who married husband Tony Carlisi 11 years ago — now avoids being in public or remaining in open spaces, such as parks. Walking through the store she suddenly found herself aroused by everything in sight, smells in the air and everything she touched. Before developing the condition Cara worked as a waitress.
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Only 15% of women orgasm every time they have sex – compared to over half of men

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Only 15% of women orgasm every time they have sex - compared to over half of men

Because no-one talked about it, no-one knew how common it was, an a culture of silence around orgasms was forged. Those of you who can orgasm from just penetrative sex are super lucky and should feel very pleased with yourselves. You are in a small minority and can probably enjoy sex with someone who is relatively unskilled. Some women only need their clitoris to be stimulated before sex in order to come during it. Please banish any concerns about scaring a man off. A bullet vibrator is small enough to easily fit between you in most positions, and means that you can both enjoy orgasms, possibly even at the same time. Remember, good sex is a right, not a privilege.

Women share their sexual experiences and discuss female orgasms in attempt to 'start a dialogue'

The Tumblr page is a collection of 72 essays from women describing sexual encounters that have stood out - for the right or wrong reasons. Do you feel confident about discussing your sex life with others? Or do you still feel there is a stigma which prevents you opening up?
Niamh Horan Twitter Email. The latest research on the female orgasm has been released, and if more depressing data on sexuality exists, I'd love to see it. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 87pc of husbands say they "consistently experience orgasm" during sex - compared with only 49pc of their wives. What makes the 'orgasm gap' so frustrating is that the couples questioned weren't living under the same roof for 40 years, sick to the teeth of each other's habits and foibles - these were newly- weds. So then, if over half of these women have difficulty climaxing with the man they have chosen for life, what hope have the millions of awkward young girls and women in the big bad world of Tinder hook-ups and one- night stands?
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